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A bit about me:

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to look around my website.


I am a specialist physiotherapist and Pilates instructor.

I have an interest in helping people be the best they can be, and Pilates is a great way to work on your health and wellbeing.

I currently offer Pilates for Hypermobility which is a specialist service, as I have completed training in this area and have a special interest in the management of Hypermobility and Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

I currently also run a monthly membership for people who want to get into exercise, or who are wanting to build strength and flexibility. With my background as a physiotherapist, these classes are suitable for almost everyone. I would love for more people to be a member of this community and work on their wellbeing in a supportive environment.

  • CORU Registered Physiotherapist - PT045177

  • Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

  • BSc Physiotherapy 2:1 (2015) from Teesside University, UK

  • Currently employed by Spectrum Health (The Physio Company), working in the Sandyford Plaza clinic full time

  • I have a love of running, reading, painting and poetry!

Courses and extra learning completed:

  • Fully Certified APPI Matwork Pilates Instructor (exam passed in October 2020)

  • APPI Pilates for Hypermobility 1 day course (2020)

  • APPI Pilates for Osteoporosis 1 day course (2021)

  • APPI Pilates for Runners 1 day course (2021)

Some of the other training I have completed:

  • Running Repairs 2 day course for specialist treatment of running injuries - Oct 2020

  • Blood test interpretation for Beginners - Dec 2020

  • First Contact Practitioner Training Series 1-3 (identifying serious pathology in patients) - Dec 2020, Jan 2021 & Feb 2021

  • Hand therapy webinars with the British Association of Hand Therapists weekly in 2020

  • EDS UK ECHO programme webinars with Dr. Jane Simmonds around management of persons with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility with the Ehlers Danlos Society UK (module 1 completed in 2020, module 2 completed Feb 2021, module 3 completed June 2021)