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Want to exercise but not sure where to start?

These Physio led Pilates classes at Pilates with Aisling will be perfect for you!

I offer classes for beginners, improvers, people with hypermobility spectrum disorders and people with osteoporosis.


Face to face Pilates classes in Rathmines, Co. Dublin & Clongorey, Co. Kildare.

As I am a specialist Physiotherapist (read more about me here), you will be able to exercise safely under my supervision, and I can offer you guidance on movement and strengthening.

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Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates is a great form of exercise for anyone.

It can be adapted to suit people who very immobile or deconditioned, and can be progressed to suit elite athletes.

Pilates is a combination of flexibility and strength work. It helps you to focus on working different muscle groups, and gives you skills you can carry across to your day to day life.

If you want to know more about how Pilates can help you, give me a text on 083 017 9344 and we can arrange a call to discuss further.

Will Pilates help my back pain?

Pilates can definitely help with back pain. As I am a physiotherapist, I am used to helping people with back pain in clinic and through exercise. Pilates is a great way to build in some exercises in a controlled way to avoid flaring up your pain. It can also help you get back to doing other activities that you may have stopped due to pain.

It is important to note, that Pilates will only work well for you if you enjoy it! If it is not something you enjoy, I would suggest that you find another way of strengthening your body that you find more interesting.

Please discuss with me further by texting 083 017 9344 to arrange a phone call, and we can see if Pilates would benefit you.

How do I do Pilates online?

I use the Zoom platform for the classes I run.

All you will need is a mobile phone / tablet / laptop and a good internet connection!

I ask that everyone has their video on for my classes, and if you really would not like to do this, please discuss with me personally before signing up.

As I want to be able to see everyone and check how you are doing, I limit the class numbers to ensure there isn't too many people.

In the hypermobility or lower back pain classes, I will have a maximum of 3-4 people in a class at once. This is to ensure I can make sure everyone is working at a comfortable level, and provide feedback.

In the beginners classes, I will have a maximum of 6-8 people in the class.

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?

Pilates and Yoga are similar in a lot of ways.

Pilates is usually more focused on working specific muscles, and ensuring control of movement.

Yoga may work more on flexibility, and can incorporate spirituality and breathwork.

I myself enjoy a bit of both, and you will find some elements of yoga mixed in to the Pilates classes now and then.

Is Pilates good for Hypermobility?

Pilates is particularly useful for people living with Hypermobility or unstable joints. This is down to the focus and work on muscle strengthening and movement control.

I have a particular interest in hypermobility, and I have done a Pilates CPD course specifically in Pilates for hypermobility. My classes involve a lot of 'closed chain' exercise (this means that we keep a body part in contact with the floor while moving) that is a better way of exercising unstable joints. I ask each person that is new to do a one to one initial assessment before starting any classes, so I can get to learn a bit more about you and your condition.

At present, I have to offer classes via Zoom due to COVID restrictions. However, I will definitely be holding in person sessions in the future, as I feel that people living with hypermobility will benefit so much more from the feedback that can be given when doing face to face classes.

What if I cannot make one class out of the course?

If you cannot make a class, please let me know before you book, and I will request payment only for the classes that you can attend.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds if you have already booked. Any classes cancelled cannot be refunded either. I will offer another class date in exceptional circumstances.